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Welcome to the Ancient Egyptian pathfinder for GSHS year 8 students. Here you will find many resources to help you discover information on Ancient Egyptian life. This pathfinder has been designed to assist you with your Ancient Egyptian comparative essay for SOSE.


You have been asked to complete research for a comparative essay. In order for you to keep all of your research notes together, you have been given a comparison chart. This chart is important as it will assist you with your essay. When you discover useful information, either copy and paste it into your comparison chart or write it into your comparison chart. When you write the essay, you will refer to these notes and write them in your own words.

Part of this task requires you to hand in a bibliography from a range of resources. What is a bibliography? A bibliography is a list of all the resources you used when doing your research. This does not mean every resource you looked at or read. Instead you only record the ones from which you got information. You can either use 'Cite Ace Version 5' which is on the cybrary intranet, or go to Neils Toolboxwhich will assist you with the creation of your own bibliography.

Ancient Egypt - Ancient Egypt was an Ancient civilisation in the north of Africa that flourished along the River Nile for more than 3,000 years.

Ancient Egyptians - Ancient Egyptians were the people that lived in Ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh - Egypt was ruled by Pharaohs. Pharaohs were more like gods who had come to live among the people. They were leader of the army, head of religion and in charge of the government.

Noblemen - These were the men that helped the Pharaoh run the country. Their wives were called noblewomen.

Farmers - These were the people that farmed many kinds of crops along the River Nile. They were considered to be the poor of the country.

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